A hot knife through butter

We are proud to present RAYCUT CNC fibre laser cutter and engraver. A remarkable achievement in efficiency –  the embodiment of what Fibre laser Technology offers.

Wireless Remote

Included with CNC Control System for Maximum Convenience

Area 1530x 3050mm

Cutting Area Plate Loading Assistant Ball-Metal Transfer Bearing

1.5G Acceleration Speed

Archived by Servo Motor and Planetary Speed Gear Reducer

Touch Screen

Includes Dedicated Industrial, Windows 10, 21.5" Touch Screen PC

CNC Fibre Laser Cutter Introduction

CNC Fibre Laser Cutter RayCut LF-1530 am.co.za buythis.co.za

No Moving Parts in laser.
No Traditional Co2 laser tubes, means no mirrors, less maintenance. 

Faster movement. Faster Cutting.
No mirrors means not alignment issues due to fast cutting

Less energy to power.
Fiber Laser uses less power than C02

Touch Screen PC
Windows 10, Core i5, 4GB RAM 21.5" Touch Screen

Working Area 1530x3050mm
Working Area with Plate Loading Assistant Ball-Metal Transfer Bearing

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Explore Your New Favourite Fibre Laser

All RAYCUT CNC Fibre Laser cutter and engraver features are geared to toward offering you and your customers, not only initial, but continued savings. 

What makes RAYCUT Fiber Laser CNC machines so efficient is the use of fiber optic strand diodes used to transmit the beams of light, as opposed to more traditional C02 laser tubes.

RAYCUT offers advances in following areas of efficiency:

  • Less Expensive Operation Costs
  • No Moving Parts In Laser.
  • Major Boost in Cutting Speed
  • Cutting of Reflective Material
  • Higher Electrical Efficiency

Build-in Anti-Collision

Anti-Collision Function on the Cutting Head to Prevent Laser Cutting Head Damaged During Cutting

Stability & strength

Heat Treated Steel Beam for Cutting Table Structure, Weight Over 2 Tons for Stability, Takes Sheet Metal Load Up to 800Kg

Up to 140,000mm/min

Utilising Gear Pinion & High-Speed Linear Guide Rail, Highest Moving Speed 140,000mm/min

0.02mm Accuracy

Total 4 Servo Motors (Two on Y Axis, 1kW) Driving System with 0.03mm Position and 0.02mm Repeat Position Accuracy

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We offer the RAYCUT system in various configurations visit buythis.co.za to find the model that will suit your needs. If you need assistance please chat to us by sending “hi” on Whatsapp: 060 600 6000​

CNC Fibre Laser Cutter Gallery

CNC Fibre Laser Cutter FAQ & Support

RAYCUT can cut and engrave various thicknesses of materials. Each RAYCUT model offers varying strengths and features – best place to start is to check-out the performance sheet.

If you have a specific application you need advice on please feel free to contact us on the support form or chat to us by sending “hi” on Whatsapp: 060 600 6000​.

If you have specific material in mind – you are always welcome to bring a sample material sheet for a test, we can cut a AM.co.za logo into it.

We have a local technician team and also warehouses for machines and spare parts.

We serve the whole Southern Africa region.

The  RAYCUT fiber laser system is a large piece equipment and installation on your site is required, and training will be provided after the commissioning of the machine.

We install and setup your RAYCUT as part of final agreed sale scope. You can refer floor plan for preparation of your space.

With the Broadband Internet and advanced software technology, we are able to connect to your computer to help you with setup and troubleshooting instantly without leaving our office.

We provide lifetime unlimited remote assistance for diagnosis on all machinery we sell that connects to and works with a computer, and install and configuration all software we sold as well.

The RAYCUT fiber laser control system is Windows CE based, so if you have internet by cable or wifi available for the machine, then we can also connect to your machine control system to assist too.

Remote assistance is not subject to training.

All our machines are locally available and dispatched from our warehouse in Jet Park. The machine itself is packed in several crated boxes. Our price does not include transport and you need to arrange transport to collect from our warehouse.

To us, Achievement Matters. Our goal is to support you to unlock your new RAYCUT Fiber Laser CNC machine’s full potential. If you have any questions, not already answered on the site, please contact us our support number or via the form below.

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Client Reviews

Received excellent service from Mecias when i was struggling to cut vinyl with Corel. The guy was patient to make sure i understand how to do what he showed me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MY BROTHER. EXCELLENT SERVICE
My machine arrived within 3 days of ordering it, when I was ready to set it up I felt a bit overwhelmed, and whatsapped the technical support number - Lincoln from AM Technical Support responded very fast, and logged into my PC remotely and did all that needed to be done from his side. The machine works beautifully, I definitely recommend them. Thanks for a great service!
5 star.... I was helped in each and every step of the way, and now I know how to connect, align and operate the AM laser machine.... I love the way they help their customers when it comes to the very hard things to understand on the machine
Thank you so much advanced machinery for always assisting me with a smile. Walter is the friendliest technician I know. Always will and able to help. Keep up the great customer service. I can recommend them to any person looking into buying machinery from them.