LF-1530/1000P: RAYCUT Fiber Laser All-Metal IPG-1000W 1530×3050mm Flatbed Cutter, IPG-Photonics 1000W Fiber Laser Source, complete with 1700W Chiller

AM.CO.ZA® RAYCUT™ 1000W IPG® Fiber Laser CNC All-Metal Sheet Cutting Machine with 1530×3050 Cutting Table Complete Unit

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Introducing the AM.CO.ZARAYCUT1000W IPGFiber Laser CNC All-Metal Sheet Cutting Machine – the ultimate solution for precise metal cutting needs. This machine is built with a 15303050 cutting table and is a complete unit that offers high-speed and high-precision cutting capabilities. With its IPGfiber laser technology, it can cut through all types of metal sheets with ease and offers a clean and smooth finish, making it the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. Built with advanced features and user-friendly functionality, this machine is a must-have for any metal cutting workshop. Invest in the AM.CO.ZARAYCUT1000W IPGFiber Laser CNC All-Metal Sheet Cutting Machine today and experience unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability.


RAYCUT Fiber Laser All-Metal IPG-1000W 1530×3050mm Flatbed Cutter, IPG-Photonics 1000W Fiber Laser Source, complete with 1700W Chiller

Utilize High Sensitive Capacitive Sensor to Maintain Constant Cutting Distance from Nozzle to Sheet Metal Plate
Air Compressor (If Use Air as Shield Gas) with ≥15 Bar Needed (Not Included), Try Our Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Galvanised, Powder Coated, Painted and Protection Film Applied Metal Sheets All Can be Cut With or Without use Build-in Evaporate Pre-cut Feature
Support Various Piercing Methods, Piercing-less for Thin Plates, Segmented Pierce for Middle Thickness and Incremental Pierce for Thick Plates
Air pipe (∅10mm) Included, Fitting to Connect To Your Air Source Not Included
Heat Treated Steel Beam for Cutting Table Structure, Weight Over 2 Tons for Stability, Takes Sheet Metal Load Up to 800Kg
Build-in Anti-Collision Function on the Cutting Head to Prevent Laser Cutting Head Damaged During Cutting
Working Area (Cutting Area) Size 1530×3050mm with Plate Loading Assistant Ball-Metal Transfer Bearing
Automatic Beam Focus by RAYTOOLS BM111 Self-Focusing Optical Fiber Cutting Head, High Sensitive Capacitive Sensor Maintains Constant Cutting Distance and Focus
With Duty Cycle up to 100%, Low Running Cost and Low Consumable Cost (Mainly Shield Gas), Continues Operation is Recommended for High ROI
Air-Conditioned Operation Area Required, Temperature Controlled Within 18°C to 24°C and Humidity ≤75%
Automatic Plate Edge Finding and Rotate Drawing to Match Metal Plate Placed That Commonly Not Straight
Use Single Phase 220V Electricity, Precision AVR Recommended
Support Flying Cut Mode for Thin Plates and Arrayed Cutting Artwork with Unstopped Cutting Mode for Maximum Cutting Speed
Impressive 1.5G Acceleration (Means 0-100km/h under 1.9s if its a car) Archived by Servo Motor and Planetary Speed Gear Reducer
Require Cutting Shield Gas (Auxiliary Gas), Either Clean and Dried Compressed Air, Or 99.95% Oxygen or 99.99% Nitrogen
Production Cutting Thickness 8mm Mild Steel (Oxygen), 4mm Galvanized/Stainless Steel (Nitrogen), 2mm Aluminum (Nitrogen), 2mm Copper/Brass (Nitrogen), Read Fiber Laser Cutting Performance Sheet
Integrated CypCut Laser Cutting Control Software with CAD, Nesting and CAM Modules
FSCUT2000S Full-Solution Open-Loop PLC CNC Laser Cutting Controller, Specially Designed for Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry
Our Popular Remote Assistance Application Pre-installed and Allow Us to Connect and Help You On Control System and Software (Wi-Fi/Cable Network Needed)
Wireless Remote Controller Included with CNC Control System for Maximum Convenience
By Utilize Gear and Pinion and High-Speed Linear Guide Rail, Highest Moving Speed 140,000mm/min
Industrial PC with Windows 7 Ultimate, Intel Core i3 x64 CPU, 8GB RAM and 21.5 Inch Screen
Total 4 Servo Motors (Two on Y Axis, 1kW) Driving System with 0.03mm Position and 0.02mm Repeat Position Accuracy
Suitable for All Kinds of Sheet Metal Cutting, Coated/Pained/Filmed/Rusted or Not, Include High Reflective Metals
Installed IPG-photonics 1000W YLR Continuous Wave Ytterbium Fiber Laser Power Source, High Stability, Ideal Beam Quality, Ultra-long Lifetime and Record Efficiency (Save Electricity)
Industrial Cooling Unit for Fiber Laser System Included, Distilled Water of 25L Required (Not Included), Replace Water Monthly When Maintenance
Co-Edge and Reduce Cutting Time by Merge the Shared Border Lines Between Parts So Only Cut Once
Power Cable Not Included, Require 6mm2 50A Power Cable on 40A Circuit Breaker, Only Need 1 Powerpoint
Automatic Lead-in and Lead-Out, and Cooling Point and Ring Cut Feature Special Useful to Prevent Overheat on Sharp Spikes Cutting


RAYCUT 1000W Fiber Laser Cut Different Thickness of Carbon Steel, Brass, Stainless by Laser Master


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